As things have been heating up at work lately, I’ve found myself returning to GTD as a way of keeping things more sane.  I thought that I’d look for a tool.  I tried a complicated one that modeled out the whole system, but I ended up with emacs org-mode.

It’s awesome.

Really, it’s just a fancy outline editor at its core.  I know there a lot more things that I haven’t learned about yet, but the surface is very useful.  I can mark things as todo/done, collapse subtrees, and easily move things around.  That’s about all I need, really.  And it works much better for me than the complex one because I can easily customize the view onto my data.  It’s just a tree in a text file, after all.  It also lets me easily morph the system into whatever I need it to be at the time, rather than being rigid.  I suppose that’s good for some people, but ad-hocish is good for me.

And plus it means I get to use emacs more.  Which makes me feel very l33t.


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